Juju Cleanse

Our environmental commitment

We cleanse ourselves but also don't want to mess up the planet that we live on. That would be the most self-defeating thing ever.

Local Produce

In the footsteps of the locavore movement, we try to source as much of our produce from organic food producers within easy driving range of Metro Manila. This means that we don't add hip ingredients such as agave nectar and even limit our use of fruits such as apples because neither of these are grown domestically. Our model is based around the concept of food-in-season and it also helps that by doing this we support the Filipino farmer.

Juju Bags


We provide insulated canvas bags with every first order but subsequent orders are delivered without any packaging, in either crates or boxes that we reuse after delivery. This means that you have what you need to bring your cleanse around with you and also minimizes future clutter in your house and in the landfill.

Juju Bottles


Glass bottles are good in two ways: they are better for the juice and are easier to recycle and reuse.

Ice Pack

We provide a high performance reusable ice pack. This helps to keep the juices cold in transit and also means that you can reuse this same ice pack many hundreds of times. After your cleanse this can also double as a heat pack.

Organic Produce

We try to use as much organic produce as we can in our cleanses without driving our costs up the roof. Organic farming is better for the plants, better for the soil, and better for us the consumers as it provides us with healthier, more nutrient-rich produce, and that goes straight to our health bottom line.