Juju Cleanse

How to Prepare for Your Juju Cleanse


At least one day before beginning your cleanse, we suggest you reduce your intake of the following to prepare your body:

  1. Animal protein and processed foods
  2. Salt, refined sugar and carbs
  3. Carbonated sodas, and other caffeinated drinks
  4. Alcohol and nicotine

We then recommend that you increase your intake of:

  1. Water or herbal teas
  2. Fruit and vegetables
  3. Sleep

During your cleanse

  1. Drink a nice warm cup of fresh mint tea first thing in the morning, or during your day when you would normally have your coffee. Juju will provide you with some fresh sprigs.
  2. If you know that you will be home for your last cleanse, you may leave that bottle safely refrigerated at home in order to keep it fresh, as well as to reduce the weight of your Juju Cleanse Kit.
  3. Drink many glasses of water or unsweetened herbal tea in between cleanses. Hydration is essential in the cleansing process.
  4. As you consume your cleanses, do your best not to gulp them down. Did you know that digestion actually begins in the mouth? So bummer for us if we don’t chew, because then we often don’t absorb.


Break your fast gently by eating light meals that are easy on your digestive system. Remember that moderation is key, so now is not the time to indulge in that 16oz steak you have been craving for.

Some tips for easing into a healthier lifestyle without making any drastic changes might be to:

  1. Replace white sugar with brown sugar, muscovado, honey or stevia.
  2. Replace white bread and white rice with whole wheat and wild grain varieties.
  3. Stay away from processed foods such as lunch meats, bacon, hot dogs, etc.
  4. Choose organic whenever possible for both your fresh produce and meat.
  5. Stay away from fried 'anything' and always accompany a meal with a salad!