Juju Cleanse


I heard about Juju Cleanse through my friend. When I saw the website instantly I signed up for the 3 day Level 2 cleanse. I was surprised that I did not feel hungy AT ALL. The juices were all filling. The only thing I had to get used to was not chewing. Amazing how my cravings were gone. Kat said the side effect (w/c is good) of cleansing is that it reboots your pallete. I was on Day 1 over dinner with friends feasting on tempura and roast beef and I did not even have the urge to try. 2nd day I honestly wanted to cheat to test myself and grab some ham. Strange that when it was infront of me I didn't eat it!! Thank you Juju Cleanse my cravings are gone. Now that I'm done with my cleanse I feel soooo clean and great. My body naturally stopped looking for deep fried food.I've dismissed my usual tapsilog or anything canned in the morning in exchange for some apples. Cheers to a healthier me and my next cleanse!

Lala A.

I just completed my very first. 1 day, level 3 Juju Cleanse! What an experience. The juices were all tasty, and filling, despite most being "green". The only real hunger I felt was in my head. According to the experts, I have been "purging" and releasing lots of toxins. From a first timer, I would highly recommend... this to anyone and everyone. It really works, and I will certainly do it again and again. Thank you Juju Cleanse, from the bottom of my..... well, you get the idea.

Miguel R.

I feel fantastic after my one-day JUJU Cleanse! I drank yummy, healthy juices which kept my energy up even though I was teaching group fitness classes all day. The next day after the cleanse I felt wholly invigorated both in body and mind. Thanks for helping me get my JUJU back! ;)

Anna C.

Hey! It was a challenge, but was definitely worth it! :) I feel great!

Annab M.

I loved the juices!! I never felt hungry at all even while playing golf! I won pa the ladies' division! My friend was teasing that it was Juju juice power!! I'll definitely recommend it to my patients...

Dr. Becky

Hi :) though I would wake up sooo hungry but still have yet to eat any solids..juice water ...coffee..and taking vitamins:) feel great !! Ju Ju cleanse is great !! will be calling again soon :) great service...awesome service !!!! great packaging , clear instruction , fresh and just simply simple and wholesome :)

Djuna R.

..it was a success :) Ended late because I had a long day, but it was great. My last bottle I took with me because we went out. I took my Juju in shot glasses so it felt like I was drinking with everyone. haha. Excited to do my next round in a couple of weeks, when we get back from our vacation :)

Andy M.

I'm on my 3rd Friday of Juju! Doing level 2 for the 2nd time. All 6 bottles are so yummy & filling :-) I feel so healthy & clean!

Trish V.

I highly, highly recommend this to anyone even BEGINNING to think about trying it... GO for it. Please. :) You will be really happy you did! I just finished the 3-day cleanse and feel great.

Geni P.

I was only hungry the first day. Today that I can eat na I'm barely eating. I think it shrinks the stomach and appetite - woohoo! I'll be away all of June but would love to do July after all the junk from the trip.

Crisann C.

I feel great! Celebrating with dinner...and you know I'm not ravenous. It's like my appetite has been tamed.


By the way, the cleanse really worked for me. Lost 4 lbs and lost more than 2 percent body fat. :) I lost most of the weight from water and belly fat. Helped me eat healthier too after the cleanse. 4 other ppl got the cleanse after me.

Jen D.

I had my weigh in today in the gym. Before I took JuJu Cleanse my fat mass was 13.9Kg and muscle mass was 35.4Kg. But today my fat mass is 12.5Kg and muscle mass is 37Kg. So after I took JuJu Cleanse for three days treatment, I lost 1.4Kg of fat and gained 1.6Kg of muscle. At the same time my TBW is the highest right now since last year. This is a big suprise after the cleansing treatment.

Thanks for Juju Ceanse.

Jun L.

I just want to update that I have successfully completed my Level 2, 3-day cleanse. I am proud to share that I (and Mia) managed to religiously stick to the program without cheating, not even a bite of cucumber or celery sticks which you advised to eat should hunger pangs persist. For me, it was not as bad as I expected it to be. :) though I still have the least liking for the Green Bomb (as I naturally DO NOT eat cucumber), but I managed to accept and go through it. I am a Bikram Yoga practitioner for 2 1/2 years now and I have read that the Green Bomb concoction is best for us hot-room yogis. I've also recommended the program to my friends to try and experience the suffering (at first) and the multitude of health benefits after.

I feel good about my self, physically and mentally for doing this and I thank you for the experience. I feel much lighter and stronger than I used to, and I know that I will reap the benefits of the "system reboot" that I just underwent and that it will help me in my journey to fitness and healthy living.

Ochie P.