Juju Cleanse

Who is Juju?

Juju as a kid sees it

Juju is the two of us, husband and wife team Kat and David Azanza.

We had been living in China, where David had a business and I operated and taught in my own Pilates studio, up until a few months ago when a twist of fate and a bun in the oven found our family of four amidst boxes once again and on our way back to Manila. The move home inspired us to resurrect a juice-based business idea that had been percolating in my mind for several years now.

My family is intensely immersed in the world of alternative health as my parents, Eckard and Perla Rempe, are the founders of the health and wellness resort The Farm at San Benito. As a result, David and I are extremely aware of what we put inside our, and our kids’, bodies. But having said that, we also love to go out and eat, and David is certainly not averse to the odd drink or two. So we religiously try to offset our binges by balancing what we love to do with what we ought to do especially since spending a week at The Farm to do a full-fledged detox isn’t always an option due to time, money or other constraints. It is this concept of convenience cleansing that we would like to bring to you.

In Juju Cleanse we believe that we offer you the perfect solution. It is a compromise, of sorts: a complete, no nonsense, no worries, doctor approved way of detoxifying that doesn't interfere with us leading our regular day to day lives.

We aren't trying to convert anyone’s lifestyle, we simply hope to get you to listen to that little voice in your head reminding you to reboot your systems by fitting a cleanse or two into your lives a little more often.

We also launched the first dedicated salad joint in the country, Juju Eats.